To start off, welcome to the Food Page! Here, you”ll find pics of good grub, fancy feasts, or exceptional experiences during my travels that I figure I should share! (Drinks not included 😉 )


At the “Sixties Diner” in Berlin, Germany, chowing down a burger! My friends don’t think so, but I believe the leather jacket and the arm on the seat makes me fit in the decade perfectly!
Artwork? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. Brioche French toast, accompanied with fig, pear, pecans, pistachios, mint, mascarpone, a touch of ice cream, and special sauce that was beyond me. When I say this might just be the best french toast I’ve ever had, I mean it. Ordered at the ABC Brunch club – Berlin.
A unique spin on the classic breakfast item, eggs benedict. Along with avocado and freshly cured salmon all wrapped neatly into a warm bun, all I have to say is kudos to the chef. The saffron chili on the side was delicious when sprinkled on. I meant to take a picture before I took a bite, but I just couldn’t help myself…whoops. Ordered at the ABC Brunch Club – Berlin
During our stay, when Ben and I were walking in Prenzlauerberg searching for dinner, we just so happened to pass by this small eatery with a cloth covering for a door. Intrigued, we walked inside and were immediately asked if we had a reservation. Unbeknown to us, apparently this “small eatery”, was a high class Japanese barbecue, and the reservation list was booked for the rest of the week. Thankfully, acting as stupid American tourists, we charmed the waitress with my next to nonexistent knowledge of the Japanese language and she sat us to this table after a few minutes. (It definitely wasn’t because somebody couldn’t make their reservation). Although none of the meat was kosher, grilling various meat and vegetables was very fun experience. Ushido Japanese BBQ – Berlin


Seemingly a dish ordered from any common asian style eatery, this Yasai Yakisoba was eaten in its entirety in 2 minutes flat. On the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look like much, but it just so happens to be on Dublin’s ten best places to eat in Temple Bar for a reason. Delicious and reasonably priced, I would highly recommend. Eatokyo Restaurant – Dublin
For those of you who love donuts, which should be all of you, I can guarantee that this specialized bakery is a contender for the best producer of donuts anywhere (in my humble opinion). With a veritable selection of fresh sourdough donuts, infused cremes and custards, in addition to the perfect ratio of toppings to pastry, this is a must stop if you find yourself in Dublin. Personally, I had my eye on the housemade salted caramel and pistachio topped one. For those back home, if this is a 10/10, Paula’s is a 3/10 at best. The Rolling Donut – Dublin
I suppose I can’t get enough of cured salmon, because I would order this again…and again….and again. Light and refreshing, this zesty salmon on a bed of avocado puree paired with the acidity from tomatoes and various aromatics was a killer appetizer. The main dishes left a little to be desired, but the live entertainment from musicians and tap dancers in a high vaulted church made the experience excellent. I’ll be posting the tap dancing in one of my main posts, so keep your eyes peeled. The Church – Dublin
I figured I couldn’t leave Ireland unless I did two things: Drink a Guinness and sing merrily in a pub, and have a Cornish pasty. I did both of those things. Filled with cheese, onion, potatoes, vegetables, and served piping hot. Couldn’t get much better than that. Hanley’s Pasties – Dublin

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  1. Love this posting! So glad you are enjoying everything! Wish we had known about all of these wonderful places to eat when we were in Berlin and Dublin. We did enjoy the Guinness in Dublin!! Love you so!


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