A Visit to Hallwyl Mansion

Hallwyl Mansion is an excellent option for those looking to explore the rich culture of Stockholm without digging too deeply into their pockets! Acting as a museum that is free to the public, Hallwyl contains a plethora of art and artifacts collected by Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl throughout her lifetime travels, displayed in her home. Her collection is not traditionally limited, as there is a wide-range of cultures on various mediums scattered throughout the premises. After the death of the Countess in 1930, the entire house and collection was donated to the Swedish state, in an attempt to highlight the countess’ deep passion for exotic collectibles and pursuits of antiquity.

The Venetian-influenced facade transported me back to the late 1800’s, creating a delicate atmosphere filled with many different wonders. Artifacts originating from East Asia, Egypt, Africa, Europe, and many other places were on display.

(Picture 1)My friend Elizabeth quite aptly mimics this piece originating from 16th century China. (Picture 4) who do you think has a better mustache….me or a 14th century knight clad in plate mail..(He looks down he may need this win)

My favorite piece was probably this unidentified object: It was in a restricted section, and partially packaged, yet it looks oddly similar to the carbonite sarcophagus Han Solo was frozen in….how suspicious.

Alongside the museum interior, they renovated the inner courtyard to a modern chic eatery. Being surrounded in every direction with glass panels provided an excellent view of they outside architecture, in addition to beautiful statues scattered on the periphery. In the perfect twist of modern and antiquated, this proved to be a wonderful lunch spot.

This is not the only free museum in the city, far from it actually! My swedish teacher has provided me with a great list that I will link underneath:

Bonniers arthall (always free for everyone under 26 years of age)
● Liljevalchs (art museum on Djurgården that is only free on Mondays 11-17)
● Moderna museet (art museum on Skeppsholmen whose main permanent
exhibit is always for free)
● Nationalmuseum (design and art museum whose main, permanent collections
are always for free)
● Historiska museet (the whole museum is always for free)
● Army museum (the whole museum is always for free)
● Etnografiska museet (the whole museum is always for free)
● The Swedish museum of natural history (the whole museum is always for
● East Asian Museum (the whole museum is always for free)

One thought on “A Visit to Hallwyl Mansion

  1. Countess Wilhelmina was definitely my kind of girl! Hannon, she would have loved how you made her collection come alive with your vivid descriptions, and I felt that I was there with you enthralled with so many fascinating and exotic objects.
    Love, Grammy


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