The Last LLC Outdoor Adventure

As you may know, before the semester started I joined a living and learning community (LLC) oriented around the exploration of the grand outdoors. In learning how to build fires from scratch, finding safe water sources, and interacting with the various fauna Sweden has to offer, the members of the LLC have formed a tight-knit core group who strive to push one another (and themselves) daily. We have participated in reflect runs through the forest, rock-climbing excursions, camping in Tyresta national park (pictures in landscapes tab), and more.

Unfortunately due to a few Covid incidents, several of our activities have been canceled throughout the semester. Cave-diving and kayaking were my favorites on that list 😦 Nevertheless, for our last activity, we went a hour or so south of Stockholm near Källtorp and high roped! For those who might not know what that is, it involves an uncomfortably tight fitting harness, and a complete disregard for your own mortality! At least it felt that way due to my severe fear of heights…Anyway, we strapped in, climbed up 50-60 feet in the air and maneuvered our way from tree to tree bypassing tough obstacles. I offered to go first (as nobody was offering to lead the charge), but was very skeptical that the harness would hold me. So I did what any sensible person my age would do – I jumped off the platform and hoped to God that I wouldn’t fall to the ground. The two ropes that connected my harness to the wire above did their job however, and I was safe! What a relief right.

This is me perfecting my balancing act on a rope half the width of my foot. For some bizarre reason I have a newfound respect for tightrope walkers….

This is the last picture taken of the 2022 LLC. A bittersweet photo, yet it perfectly represents what we set out to cultivate: a fun community that stops at nothing to get the most out of life. Cheers to you all. Overlook the shock on my face as Maya did a handstand for the picture…

2 thoughts on “The Last LLC Outdoor Adventure

  1. Dearest Hannon,
    Your description of your Highwire act was so graphic, my heart was stopped with trepidation for your life!
    I was thrilled that you survived, and had these amazing experiences with wonderful friends.
    Keep enjoying every moment of a long and beautiful life.
    Love, Grammy


  2. You young, crazy man/boy!! So glad you have had such an amazing time during your adventures in Sweden/Europe this semester!! You truly are an amazing person, and I somehow love you more each passing day. Travel safe and I can’t wait to hear all your travel stories in person! Xxoo, Mom


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