Hey everybody! This page will consist of pictures and videos of where I learn in the DIS wing of the Royal College of Music. A beautifully modern building, the Royal College of Music contains many interpersonal classrooms layouts in order to redefine traditional educational practices. Smaller rooms force the students and teachers to interact by asking and receiving questions, in addition to facilitating classroom discussions.

As you can see, the RCM is located just northeast of the city center in Norrmalm. Public transportation provides easy access to school (you can take the bus, metro, or Pendeltag (commuter train)). A great aspect of this location is that there are many cafes situated in Ostermalm, which is where students go in between classes to study/relax/eat. As an added bonus, most of the museums are quite close and clustered together, so making a day out of visiting multiple museums is quite simple!

We are located in the D & E wing of the school. More pictures will be added soon, so keep a lookout!