Activities for Students Around Town

When winter ends in Sweden, new life springs forth everywhere you might look. People are kinder, shops are bustling, festivals are in full flux, and weekly outdoor gatherings congregate in parks, on canal sides, and outdoor gyms. With smiles aplenty accompanied by the warm weather, it is extremely difficult to stay somber from the dreary cold winter once brought. As such, I felt as if it was my duty to travel around Stockholm finding hidden gems – so far I have found multiple outdoor gyms, unearthed produce markets and lunch spots, and unwittingly entered food festivals a block or two away from my housing.

The first spot I’d like to mention is HötorgsHallen in Hörtorget (near T-Centralen). It is an underground produce hall that excels in the distribution of high quality meats, fresh caught fish, and various ethnic food stalls that utilize their proximity to good ingredients. Being able to watch those ingredients form intricate dishes is most definitely my favorite aspect. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, pizza, ramen, rice bowls, artisan coffee, artisan chocolates, wagyu beef, varieties of fish filets, kebabs, or Turkish food – it has it all!

Located on the steps right above the underground market, this prime lunch spot is in perfect view of the outdoor mini-bazaar. If you time it just right, the sun will shine on you from out behind the ancient architecture, creating a blissful environment for lunch proceedings.
Check out this great picture of Jonah exercising with logs and stones at Eriksdal Utegym! (outdoor gym)

Located in Skanstull, this gym is suitable for calisthenics and push/pull exercises! The fresh cool air is a positive alternative to indoor gym environments.

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