A Brief Introduction

Dear friends, family, and strangers, I’m excited to take you along with me during such a wonderful opportunity to study internationally in Sweden. My name is Hannon Levy, and I study Biological Anthropology, Chemistry, and Medicine. Far from my home institution, George Washington University in D.C, I wanted to seize the chance to jump outside of my comfort zone – and maybe learn a thing or two. This is my final semester in undergraduate education before I find myself stuck in the rigors of medical school, so I plan to make the most of the following months.

As I’m writing this, there’s no doubt I am nervous for what is to come. But as I think to the future, I trust this experience will provide me with unique memories to last me a lifetime.

“Step into this experience with butterflies in your bones; with a nervous feeling so beautiful, you know you’re doing something right”

~d. Antoinette Foy

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