Room Tour!

Dear all,

Hope you’ve been hanging on since the last post. It’s been a little less than 10 days now since I’ve been in country, and I believe I have some semblance of routine going. You can expect pictures on a more frequent basis now. I’ve added a new post to the school page so check it out if you have the time! As for now, I figured it was about time to show you where I’m living. Renovated from an old retirement home, Hogalidsgatan 26 serves as the new DIS student housing for a select few. Its facilities are slightly dated, but real estate prices in this part of town are through the roof. After talking with a member of the housing committee, she recalls that when she did this program, she “would have given an arm and a leg to live here”. We have the 2nd shortest commute time to school (about twenty minutes by metro), and are surrounding by a plethora of ethnic restaurants suited for any and all palates.

As you can see from the picture above, we have views right on the water and are surrounded by open green space and a monolithic church (renovations are in progress). The metro station, Hornstull, is where we get on the metro to get to school and the city center.

As you might have noticed, the bathroom and kitchen are a little bit different than what you’re used to in the States. I sure was surprised at the smaller sized kitchen and bathroom layout (no lip in the shower!!). Apparently as per Swedish culture, grocery shopping happens more frequently as they mostly buy food for that day or/and the next as well.

I have the pleasure of seeing this view everyday from my bedroom window, and it makes me think about just how lucky I truly am!!

2 thoughts on “Room Tour!

  1. Hannon, It’s so nice for us to be able to get a feeling for your life and surroundings in Stockholm. Enjoy immersing yourself in the Swedish culture for s few months! So cool that you are getting to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! We love and miss you hugely!! XoXo


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